Microblading Q & A

Before & After completed Microblading Treatment

Hi Everyone!

I receive so many queries about the microblading procedure offered at Cheshire MUA I thought I would post a Q & A. Please feel free to add comments or queries!

  • Is the treatment painful? Mild pain is to be expected although the skin is sanitised and numbed up for approximately 45 – 60 minutes using a numbing cream BEFORE the treatment commences. Usually toward the end of the treatment clients can experience discomfort, but this is short lived.
  • How are the hair strokes drawn on? The brows are shaped and mapped out to create the perfect brow shape for your face. Pigment is matched to skin tone and hair colour and using a nano blade (made up of tiny needles) the finest strokes are created, mimicking real brow hair.
  • How long is the treatment? Each microblading treatment lasts for 1hr30 – which includes 45-60 mins numbing time (including in the price are two sessions, the second is approximately 6 weeks after the initial session) Two sessions are required to ensure the pigment sits in the skin.
  • How long do the results last for? It depends on skin type, but most people require 12/18 monthly top ups. As an example, oily skin can require top ups sooner than clients with dry skin as the pigment doesn’t retain as well. Strong skincare, such as retinol or peels, should be avoided around the brow area.
  • Will my eyebrows scab? Yes, most likely. Although an antiseptic aftercare balm is provided the skin can scab as part of the healing process. The process is heal – peel – fade! Some clients are disheartened with brow fading but its important to remember that this is part of the process and not a reflection of the finished result. Some clients require an additional top up due to skin type.
  • Can I get my eyebrows wet? Ideally no! It is advisable to avoid contact with water for 5 days after the treatment in order for the brows to heal and pigment to retain as much as possible.
  • How much is the treatment? The initial treatment is £150 followed by £50 6 weeks later at the top up. The 12 month top up/colour boost is £80, 18 month top up £100.
  • Is a patch test required? Yes! The pigment is hypoallergenic and the numbing creams are widely used, but a patch test is required.
  • How to I book in? Please contact Victoria to book in via the contact details on the website. A consultation form is sent over via email and we arrange the date! Easy!

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