glowing skin is always in…

Before you apply your foundation have you thought about how to get the best results?

After all, your makeup will look its absolute best when the skin underneath is healthy and glowing. Its pretty simple, cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate. Its not always visible to keep up to date with the latest facials, fillers, botox, luxury products so by following these simple steps it will improve the appearance, texture and tone of the skin. Know your skin type and choose the each of the products tailored for your skin type for the best results.

Step 1

Cleanse & Exfoliate using a glycolic acid cleanser. The glycolic acid will deep clean, break down makeup and remove impurities from the skin. Dead skin cells are removed and skin will feel and look brighter and tighter. Use this type of cleanser 3 times a week and alternate with a cleanser without the exfoliating acids. One of my favourites is Mario Badescu Glycolic Cleanser, which I follow with their aloe vera toner

Step 2

Hydrate using a serum. Its so important to use a serum in addition to a moisturiser. The serum hydrates dull and dehydrated skin because it works below just the top layers of the skin. A vitamin C serum boosts collagen in the skin, so fine lines are reduced and skin actually looks hydrated. I swear by Mario Badescu vitamin C serum prior to makeup. I always recommend this to brides looking to improve their skin prior to the big day.

Step 3

Moisturise! For those with dry skin, I’d use a hydrating hyaluronic moisturiser. Oily skin, I’d go for an oil free moisturiser…this will help when you come to apply makeup as excess oil will only make makeup harder to stay on.

Simple! You don’t need a huge budget, theres a skincare range out there to suit everyone. I highly recommend Mario Badescu, they do a starter kit at just £34.50 and different kits for each skin type.

Hope you find this helpful, thank you for reading!

Victoria x

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